• Casa Muria
  • Casa Muria
05.Superior Room
04.Junior Suite
06.Junior Suite
El Torreón

Experience staying in Amazing Spanish Vacation Accommodation

If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference staying in a lovely rustic holiday home, browse online to see amazing Spanish vacation accommodation. You will be in peaceful, magical surroundings in a relaxing environment when you book a room or suite in a beautiful country home. Similarly if you want to do your own thing and get out on the road, take a look at fantastic motorhome rental in Melbourne. Motorhomes give you the opportunity to stop wherever takes your fancy to explore Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Get away from it all in an 18th century house that has spectacular views over green and verdant valleys. You will be surrounded by forests, mountains and fresh air. Hosts are experienced in mountain climbing, taking guests on forest trails, discovering ravines and of course offering guests a professional service. You can also enjoy:-

Walk around the fabulous gardens to admire the hard work that has gone into making it so interesting with sculptures and gorgeous flora. As soon as you see the house you will soon realise how much care has been taken to create a heaven on earth for visitors.

Enjoy your vacation

Whether you decide on a holiday using campervan hire in Melbourne or reserving accommodation in the Arogonese Pyrenees, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Spend some time browsing online to read more about campervans and holiday homes. You will get a better idea of what to expect. The Pyrenees area is ideal if you want peace and quiet or if you prefer, lots of activities to take part in. After a busy and enjoyable day outdoors, return to your accommodation and chill out in a cosy living room, dine in an elegant dining room or go to your comfortable room that has:-

  1. Been named after different countries like China, India, Africa, Morocco, Pyrenees and Japan. Each room is decorated according to its name with fine furniture, large beds, table and chairs.
  1. Wonderful views of the countryside, mountains and forests.
  1. Sumptuous décor
  1. A balcony

You’re also sure to enjoy your vacation with Melbourne campervan hire. All vans are fully equipped with the latest mod cons giving you and your family a comfortable ride.

Plenty to do

In the Pyrenees region there’s plenty to do for everyone no matter what their age. Take in the culture and history of the area by visiting the many villages, museums and churches. For the more daring there’s also:-

a) Canoeing

b) Rafting

c) Hang gliding

d) Horseback riding

e) Motorbiking

f) Mountain biking

If you prefer more sedate activities, fish in the high mountain lakes, learn more about mycology (collecting mushrooms) or go trekking. There are also wonderful festivals to take in especially the Annual Festival of Renanué celebrated on December 26th, Saint Esteban. Affordable motorhome rental in Melbourne also gives you the opportunity to see the many Australian festivals.