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Why Guesthouses Allow for an Authentic Experience

When asked what they want out of a country, many tourists will state that they want an authentic experience and to feel what it's like to be part of that culture. That's why many people choose to stay in guesthouses, either while they're traveling on Princess cruises, or when they reach their destination, as it allows them to get a more authentic and homely experience than a hotel. Guesthouses offer many advantages to their guests, including:

This means you can enjoy all the country has to offer, even in a short space of time, and can get friendly tips and advice on how to make the most of your destination away from the major tourist spots.

Personal service

Many people choose to stay in guesthouses as they offer a more personal service than chain hotels. With only a few rooms, the focus is on the guests, and this means you can enjoy excellent facilities and personal attention. It also means there's more flexibility, so if you decide to book with Princess cruises for 2014 and have some time ashore to enjoy the country, you can simply find a guesthouse nearby for one night, or for a couple of weeks at the end of your trip. The choice is yours, and you can speak to the owner directly to sort things out.

Local knowledge

Most guesthouses are owned and run by locals, or those who have lived in the area for many years, and this means there are plenty of chances to get advice on the best spots in town. Guesthouse owners will often help with:

This means you get to know the area in a more authentic way and can enjoy places that many tourists don't see.

New experiences

If you've been to an area before and want to explore in more depth, then booking a guesthouse can help you to do this. If you're planning a trip with Princess cruises and have some time before or after your holiday, then this can be spent in a comfortable guesthouse, either getting some rest or enjoying exploring the area.

There are always new things to explore in an area, and by having local help and advice from a guesthouse owner you can be sure that you make the most of it and enjoy your time off.

If you're booking a holiday and need some relaxation time, then staying in a guesthouse is a great way to enjoy the country at a leisurely pace. It means that you can stay in comfortable and cosy accommodation that's very different to the average faceless hotel, and can see how the locals live. This means you can enjoy things away from the main tourist trail and spend your time in places that many visitors never get to see.