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Great Holidays Abroad with the Family

Spending time together as a family is a wonderful time for all, and with so many wonderful places to experience together, like Spain with its rugged beauty and timeless culture, and Australia, the Great Southern Land, with its astonishing landscapes, natural wonders and bustling cities.

Whether you choose to rent a villa in Spain or arrange a motorhome rental in Australia, you and your family are sure to have a fantastic time on your next holiday abroad, especially when you take note of the following tips.

Do your research

With so many places to go, things to see and do, and all the rest, researching holiday destinations and activities is essential, if only to ensure that you don’t miss out on something truly special that you could have done together as a family.

When you research your holiday options, you also stand to save money in the process, because you will gain a better understanding of how much you should be spending, and you’re sure to come across plenty of deals and discounts, including those on Australian campervan hire, along the way.

Plan it together

The best family holidays are those in which everyone has been involved in the planning and has had a say. As most parents will know from experience, sometimes our children’s suggestions are a little over the top, if not completely unfeasible, but at other times their suggestions are remarkably astute and well worth looking into further.

Rethink your seats

Long haul flights can be a nightmare with young children, so if you’re not happy with the seating placements you’ve been given, don’t hesitate to contact the airline and see if you can have your seats changed. It might not be possible, but there’s always a chance that it might be. You won’t know unless you try.

Take your time

On road trip holidays especially, all that travelling and time spent in the campervan or motorhome, even when they’re extremely comfortable, can pose problems for the children – they will get cabin fever after a while.

For that reason and many more, it is always advisable to take your time, plot a comfortable route with plenty of stops along the way, and allow a day out of every few days or so to relax somewhere comfortable, like a luxurious villa with all the comforts you have need of.

Document the good times

You don’t need to constantly upload photos to Facebook, but documenting your holiday, and all the good times that you and your family have had, is a must. After all, you will all surely want to have photographic evidence of all the good times that you had on your trip, and proof that you really did stay in a luxurious Spanish villa!

Whether you choose to rent a deluxe villa in Spain or arrange a comfortable motorhome rental in Australia for your next family holiday abroad, you and your family are sure to have an amazing time. Take note of these tips, and have a blast!