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  • Casa Muria
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El Torreón

An Enjoyable & Relaxing Stay in a Stunningly Beautiful Location

A stunningly located rural house might just prove to be the perfect holiday setting for you and your family. A charming country house could offer all the comforts of home whilst providing the perfect base from which to explore the local region. By hiring a campervan in Australia, you and your family could experience the best of both worlds. Day trips in a fully equipped, state of the art motorhome could prove to be a fantastic addition to your stay in a charming rural home. What could be more enjoyable and relaxing than a stay in a lovely region?

Services & Facilities

A wide range of facilities and services should help to make your stay in a wonderfully situated rural house a comfortable and happy one. You might even want to add to these particular services and facilities by including campervan hire in Sydney. A list of the services and facilities that would be made available to you can be found below:

  1. Common Areas
  2. Breakfast & Dinner
  3. Activities
  4. Offers
  5. Reservations
  6. Advice
  7. Information

By making the very most of the above list of services and facilities, you and your family could well be laying the foundations for the holiday of a lifetime. Throw campervan hire into the mix and viola! You might just have the perfect combination.


When searching for that perfect rural home for your upcoming holiday, why not take time out to look into the many benefits of hiring a campervan in Australia. A brand new campervan, which just happens to feature all the mod cons, could prove to be the perfect vehicle when it comes to getting the very most out of your stay in a stunningly situated country house. A handful of the many means of searching for holiday homes and campervans has been included in the following list:

Having found that perfectly located country home for your dream holiday, you might then want to think about hiring a camping car in Australia. The freedom to come and go as you please could well transform a fantastic holiday into a truly memorable one for you and your family. The combination of a lovely rural home and a state of the art campervan might just prove to be a real game changer.


When planning that much longed for family holiday, a stunningly situated country house might just tick all the right boxes. You might even want to consider the many benefits and advantages to be had from campervan hire in Sydney as a means of making the very most of your holiday. Your family would surely be thrilled to bits by the prospect of day trips in a funky campervan and a stay in a country house. If you happen to be stuck for holiday ideas, a stunningly located rural home might be just the ticket.